Desert Placer Gold Prospecting

Prospecting for placer gold in desert areas. From the mountains to the deserts and for the gold bearing locations in between them there are techniques of placer gold location and recovery which are dependent on the various conditions present.  The desert areas of the American West is where the majority of my limited gold prospecting and mining years have been spent and experience has grown.  Many of these remote and usually hostile arid destinations are far from the busy main roads, various shops, and comfortable air conditioning available in the cities and far from enough from enough water to use for recovering placer gold from the dry earth.  In most cases the infrequent or very limited rainfall does not erode and transport placer gold as they occur in the mountains.  Some times there may be flash flooding and these forces transport gold different than flash floods do in sub alpine and alpine areas too.  Still panning for gold and water gravity separation of the elements works like it does in the mountains and usually this means the desert prospector brings some water along to where the gold is.  Commonly I use what’s known in the United States as a dry washer, and mine, powered by a gas leaf blower in combination with various hand tools and a gold prospecting type metal detector.  This will be the first post in our News Blog category: Desert Placers.  As our experiences, travels, and desert placer gold prospecting and eventual mining work continues we will ad to these stories here.  Thanks for coming, reading, and stay tuned friends!  Please add your comments, feedback, questions, and suggestions for they are all appreciated.  Thanks very much, Aaron – GTAO Vlogs

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