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Two trips made recently and filming was done for both. These areas are both way out in the desert and we have named them Magic Canyon and Rusty Gold (RG) and we consider them both “Volcanic Desert”. One is more remote in that very few travelers actually get out there so I could be out there a month and never see anyone while the other is close to a fairly busy (in desert terms) dirt road that at least has a couple jeeps or trucks a day and sometimes more. A new video is coming from the second area. We are sincerely thankful to our supporters because without you these trips would not have been possible.  Also, we are making plans and prepping gear some new and different Metal Detecting Trips and Gold and Silver prospecting trips and videos.  We will be announcing these when they are happening and not too much before because we are not sure about the plans.

For our viewers on any platform where we post content including “social media” please add your comments, questions, or suggestions.  Share our videos and tell us where you did please?  We will be randomly rewarding our participating viewers because your participation in our posts and content helps spread our content and possibly grow our audiences.

What about our short and longer term goals?  With or without partners/investors, we plan to build/buy and permit small, seasonal, and portable mountain and desert placer gold small machine fed operations for profit, the experience, and to enjoy the natural places.  The plans are much more quickly done with a small team of partners and we only need a small team.  Also, these ideas take decent locations, time, and funds and we have some friends and supporters interested in joining with us in these endeavors.  Once we get going we want to invite friends to help, work with us, and join in the fun and the experiences and we want to invite selected groups to have the experiences as well.  From these operations, we want to go from the raw mined mineral precious metals to direct to the public sales of refined natural American gold and hopefully silver products, buttons, rounds, small bars, jewelry, etc. and from the raw placer gold offer products like pay dirts for the home gold panners out there!! 

Hey what about some sponsors for our video trips and adventures?  We sure could use some product and service sponsors to help cover a portion of the regular travel and production costs and we are seeking some sponsors of our ongoing adventure videos with product placement and usage in the videos because it’s the most authentic way to demonstrate useful products. We are seeking sponsors for outdoor gear, clothing, off road camping, vehicles, trailers, tires, work wear, gold mining and prospecting gear, metal detectors manufactures or retailers, camera and film accessories, and things like tents, camp stoves, knives, boots, tools, etc. We appreciate the support a quality sponsor can provide and we want to demonstrate quality products for our viewers. For sponsor type information or questions please email Aaron at

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Stay well out there and Happy Hunting everyone!  Aaron

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