Thanks for Helping GTAO VLOGS Viewers! Rewards List Post

GTAO VLOGS Reward List

GTAO VLOGS Asks for Our Viewer’s Help

21 January 2020, from Aaron an updated 6 May 2020.  Hello friends, I have received some questions about how we plan to reward our viewers who use the comment sections to add comments, questions, and suggestions and the viewers who share our content to help our channel.

Be Active in the Video’s Comment Section

Participation of viewers in the comment section is very helpful on YouTube and really on every content platform. This interaction helps our channel and the more there is the better!   Also, we can learn what viewers like and from our viewers many that have more experience than we do.  So the more genuine comments or questions that are about the content in the video the better. Questions about the video or other subjects in general are great because we can have a back and forth, other viewers can join in or get their questions answered too and learn more from us and our viewers.  Suggestions and Comments about the video or our channel in general are always welcomed.  One or two word comments are helpful but not as much.  Basically, more activity in the comment section helps our channel and we love the help of our viewers. We want your feedback, suggestions, questions, etc. and the more the better and without profanity or outside links to content that isn’t our content. We appreciate the help from you and will select comments we like and send our products and other items to you as gifts and rewards for your help.

Help to Share Our Content

The same applies for viewers who share our content. Sharing our content helps our channel a lot also. The difference is I will need the link to where you share the content and I’ll need to be able access that page or post wherever you share it.  The sharing must on an actual page that is your own or to a group you are part of etc. that has activity and viewers.  There are a couple ways we can have you send or email the links and we’re figuring that out.  I don’t think it will be that complicated and the more sharing the better friends!  It really helps and we appreciate the help.  Some people don’t mind sharing videos and some people do mind.  No matter what you like, share if you want or don’t.  Of course, it’s up to you.  For those who do share, we appreciate and want you to know that we do.

You Don’t Need to Help Both Ways to Get on the Rewards List

1) Being active in the comment section and 2) Sharing our content are two different ways to help and you DO NOT need to do both to be sent our products and other items as rewards.  You are welcomed to do both but it’s not necessary unless you want to.  We will count the participation (comment section & sharing) separately.  To be very clear, we will not be sending items for each comment or each share a viewer makes. We cannot do that because we cannot afford to. We will be selecting comments and or shares and rewarding our viewers from time to time as we are able to. We will be reporting in our videos about what we’re sending out and when and probably reading the comments on future video and showing the links or screenshots to where you share our videos.  We plan to reward participatory viewers on every platform we have content as best as we can and when we can.  Our hope is that regularly in each video, as a quick segment, we will give a shout out to the viewers that we are rewarding with some of our products or other items and show what we are sending.  Maybe it will be in stand alone videos.  It just depends and we’ll do the best we can.  The rewards we send may be only one pay dirt bag or one dry washing concentrates bag.  Recently, we acquired Silver Bullion in different forms to use as rewards too!  The rewards might be Merch from a sponsor or our own Merch, it might be stickers, a gold pan, a tool, a gift certificate, or other things.   This is a work in progress and with the help of our viewers it will be great, fun, and different and we will do as much as we can and within our budget. We cannot do it if we cannot afford it right, you understand?  So, that’s how we start this.  Get on the Rewards List if you want to help in either or both of these ways.  We appreciate it and are thankful for your help!

GTAO VLOGS Will Create a Rewards List of Our Helpful Viewers

The bottom line is we want to involve you, our viewers, we want your participation and feedback which will help us improve our channel and content!  The more interesting, informational, better quality, and fun to watch our channel is the more we can grow, continue, and chase our dreams!  We want to reward the viewers who take the time out of their day to help us.  We need a Rewards List because we need your name, your email, and your mailing address.  When we decide to ship out rewards, we cannot wait to maybe or maybe not here back from you.  The GTAO VLOGS’ Rewards List will NOT be made public, we will NOT use it to send you junk emails, and we will NOT share or sell your information.

If You Want To Help Out, Add A Comment On This Page or Email Aaron

So, if you want to be active in our comment section and or you want to share our content and get on the Rewards List for GTAO VLOGS products and other good stuff sent to you for your help, get on the list here by adding a comment on this blog post.  Also you can directly email Aaron at and ask to be put on the “Rewards List”.

Thanks BIG TIME everyone and talk soon then!  Cheers and Happy Hunting, Aaron

ADD your name in the comments below and include your email when asked please.  Do not add your mailing address here please.  We will be contacting everyone on the list and asking for your best mailing address.  Or email Aaron at

2 thoughts on “Thanks for Helping GTAO VLOGS Viewers! Rewards List Post”

  1. Good afternoon and Happy April fools day all. I do believe this is the first time I’ve commented here per say. I comment on almost every video that everyone posts on YouTube though. It was great to get an email from you today Aarons with an update on how all is going. Keep safe and when possible go and find your treasures.
    HD shovel Ed

    1. Thanks Ed, you are a friend and have been a friend since we met. Thanks again. I appreciate your friendship and I appreciate you visiting the blog and adding your comment here. We plan to continue the channel, make refinements and changes, and do regular giveaways for our supportive viewers. Creators with video channels know how the interaction in comments, likes, subscribes, & shares help yet, not necessarily, the regular viewing public. So, we can to incentivize the viewers to help us and it will be fun especially as I get more efficient with making videos and get back onto a somewhat regular schedule. Whether or not we make new video, our Patreon Patrons are getting their monthly shipments and they are the top priority for us. Thanks again Ed! Cheers and Happy Hunting, Aaron

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