All sales are final. Please understand that we will offer no refunds and we will not accept returns for these items due to the nature of the items.  Ask any questions you have prior to purchasing, thanks! Email questions to (Aaron at email: gtao@protonmail.com)


Updated November 2020,  Welcome & Happy Hunting Friends!

In a world with so many different pay dirt suppliers and corporations, some small, some massive and some that don’t own a shovel or prospect and mine for gold in real life, what does GTAO VLOGS offer in comparison?  First, we don’t “wash for you” the pay dirts.  They are directly, as collected in nature, from placer gold areas after we sample and locate gold.  Second, if we add gold to the raw pay dirt we say it and if we don’t add gold we say it.  Third and real simply …our pay dirts and dry washing concentrates are GENUINE as described, from the placer areas we prospect and mine, and from the places you see in our videos.  Thank you supporters!

We have three types of items currently and we are restocking others soon.

1) 1/4 Pound Unwashed Placer Gold Area Pay Dirt Bags: We DO ADD gold to the 1/4 lb bags, Yes Guaranteed Gold!

2) Placer Gold Area Dry Washing Concentrates: We DO NOT add Gold to these, No Guaranteed Gold! 

3) Raw Bulk Placer Gold Area Unwashed Pay Dirts:  We DO NOT add Gold to these, No Guaranteed Gold! 

All of these items are UNWASHED (which means they are UNSEARCHED for gold) so they will make your panning or processing water dirty because they are the real deal straight to you from real life placer gold areas.  The items will contain everything from the area from fine dust and organics up to 1/4 inch and smaller stones, elements, and minerals.  All of these items are from unique remote locations and this is clearly evident in the material in the color and composition.

Our goals selling the items is to share the experience and the fun with our viewers and help to raise funds to offset regular expenses.  We want to continue searching, prospecting, our videos, and eventually find, locate, file our own private claims, and develop approved plans of operations for larger scale placer gold mining.  Some of our buyers prefer monthly shipments through Patreon ( Patron Link Here  ).  If you are interested in shipments MONTHLY TO YOUR MAILBOX, join us on Patreon with one of the preset tiers or arrange for a custom monthly order?  Thanks to our regular online buyers and monthly supporters on Patreon we are busy working to stay ahead on their orders and also busy dealing with daily life.  Other fun options for our buyers are to have us 1) either supply you a bulk amount of authentic unwashed pay dirts for your own custom pay dirt bags or 2) we can make pay dirt bags for you and create custom labels with your company name or name of your choice.  All the premade pay dirts are machine sealed in poly bags and they will have either color or black and white labels with your information arranged with you.  If you are interested or have any questions or suggestions, let us know.

OUR STORE CATEGORIES (click on the links below)

1) Gold Added, 1/4 lb Gold Panning Pay Dirts

2) No Gold Added, Dry Washing CONCENTRATES

3) No Gold Added, Bulk Quantity Placer Gold Pay Dirts

4) Custom & Special Orders

We appreciate our supportive viewers and that we’re able to share the experience with you yet we ABSOLUTELY do not want dissatisfied or disappointed buyers.  All sales are final.  Please understand that we will offer no refunds and we will not accept returns for these items due to the nature of the items.  We disclose every detail and fully explain our items so please read everything and email any questions to Aaron at (gtao@protonmail.com) before purchasing.  Thanks very much and Happy Hunting friends!


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