Getting back into it, trips, videos, and more!

December 5 2023,

Well friends first of all we hope you all and yours are doing well or great, improving here and there, and or at least hanging in there!! In these last few years our trips and video creating has necessarily taken a back seat. Very sadly, we have had friends, friends of friends, neighbors, and family members killed by Covid19, hospitalizations due to it, and or from the effects of “treatments” of it. Troubling times regarding all aspects of our “modern” society which some would say is completely perverse and corrupt and in particular regarding “health care” and who can we trust for health information. Objectively I think we all would agree that no corporate media is trustworthy (including all aspects of Hollywood, print, TV, magazines, the Woke and Cancel culture, etc.), our entire political system is broken, ineffective, and absolutely corrupt, and the public in general is highly divided and very far from united. With all that said, where to we go from here? Forward, as best as we can, is the answer. Forward we go!!

In the beginning with GTAO VLOGS my goal was to share online what I was already doing with prospecting for gold, some metal detecting and camping and make a few bucks with YouTube and selling some authentic paydirts to our viewers to help pay for our trip expenses, gear, and more trips to come. The whole project has worked partially and we are very thankful to our product buyers, Patreon patrons, and Subscribestar members!! Our most popular products are the 1/4lb Paydirt bags with gold added and the Dry Washing Concentrates followed by our Raw Bulk Quantity Unsalted & Unwashed Paydirts. Admittedly though due to my own lack of expertise on film making/editing, other challenges, and limited funds for trips, gear, and the cost of time away from work, the “revenue” from YouTube or other platforms has been actually non existent. YouTube in particular is always changing with their algorithm, ads on or off the videos, the way they promote or demote videos, etc. When we start again with videos we shall do so with more understanding of these realities for low budget video production and our videos will be uploaded to multiple platforms.

We wanted our viewers to know that we are thankful for our supporters and the opportunity to share these adventures and that as best we can we plan to move forward with our trips and video creation. If you have questions or suggestions for us please email Aaron at  Once again thanks very much and take care out there friends.  Aaron

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