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Updated December 2023: 

“Hello and welcome to our secured website for GTAO Vlogs! Firstly, we want to thank our buyers on our website and our Etsy shop, our Patreon Patrons, our Subscribestar Members, and our other financial supporters. Every bit of help is very much appreciated, THANK YOU ALL!! As well, we are thankful for your visit, our viewers, subscribers, and any potential sponsors! 

Yes, yes, yes indeed we are seeking a few regular product sponsors for inclusion in our videos on all platforms and social media. Sponsors would be appreciated which are related to all aspects of outdoor activities in general, off-roading accessories, gear, lifts, tires and prospecting, mining, metallurgy, treasure hunting, and all types of metal detecting more specifically. Product sponsors could help with the regular costs of our trips helping us to keep a regular schedule for example two trips per month and we are seeking long term sponsor relationships. 

These last few years have been traumatic for our whole world, we have lost family and friends, and the state of our society remains troubling indeed. We have had a very long break due to financial pressures and time constraints yet we plan to start with a fresh simplified approach as soon as possible and little by little improve and grow. Please have a look at our shop, make a purchase or buy a gift and make yourself at home friends.”  Reach Aaron anytime at: gtao@protonmail.com


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Upcoming videos & trips

mountain placer gold sniping, panning, & more!

GTAO Vlogs is gearing up and organizing for an ongoing series of mountain camping, hunting, and Gold Prospecting videos to come. We will be looking for gold and traveling on and off roads camping, hunting, and fishing along the way...

desert gold mining returns

We will be returning to previously sampled locations and scouting remote areas to for new placer gold claims. There are several remote areas where we need to visit, camp, and prospect for gold and other minerals...

new video series for 2024

Meteorite hunting awaits and gtao vlogs begins the new series in 2024! WE have been looking forward to learning and sharing these trips...

There will be traveling and off roads, exploration, learning about meteorites, camping, to share and hopefully space rocks too...

metal detecting beaches, shallow water & other sites

Aaron used to live closer to the Pacific Ocean and a day of beach detecting was easier to do. Now with the drive time, these trips are better done with an overnight or two to make the drive and gas more worthwhile...

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Fun trips ahead! Become a sponsor, Partner?

We have been working on our trips, goals, and videos and learning how to improve the production quality and expand the destinations.  As well our search for a few quality sponsors continues!  We are open to using sponsor products in our videos as regular or infrequent subtle product placements and casually mentioning sponsor services, websites to our viewers.  We sure do appreciate the support!  Click the button to learn more, thank you.

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