Happy CO-VID 1984 2020 Thanksgiving Friends!

26 November 2020, With a warm heart and hopeful spirit we wish you, your families, and your friends the very best this holiday season in 2020 and beyond friends! Also, we always support individual Liberty, Freedom, and Unity for all the good, decent, and virtuous people in our world. United We Stand as the saying is said and written and it’s so true once we do. We believe those who deserve Justice shall and should receive it for us all to witness. Stay well and strong and Godspeed friends. Love yourselves and each other and we are on our way to a better world. Special thanks to the buyers of our items, our supporters, here on our online store!  We are super thankful for our buyers, supportive viewers and Subscribers to our video channels and greatly appreciate your contributions that help us re-supply, buy fuel and food, repair tools, and on and on. Thank you supporters, friends, and family!  Happy Hunting, Aaron www.gtaovlogs.com

2 thoughts on “Happy CO-VID 1984 2020 Thanksgiving Friends!”

  1. Well, the Christmas time is on our doorstep now Aaron. We managed to get passed Thanksgiving day for the most part. Hope all is going well out west for you and yours my friend. Catch you over on YouTube.

    HD shovel Ed

    1. Hello Ed, yes brother this past year has been a terrible blur in many ways and some good stuff too. Crazy times when our media, Justice system, and the Govt, are FULLY compromised and corrupt and joined to mislead and tax to death We The People. I’m thankful to know you Ed and sorry that I haven’t been active on YT like before. looks like the year will be three videos, OMG that’s terrible YT performance but I’ve been busy, really busy with other things. Hoping to get back into more and better though. one step at a time. Thanks again and well wishes to you and yours, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and thanks for visiting my website. I appreciate it Ed. Cheers and HH, Aaron

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