Beach Metal Detecting For Fun and Treasures

Beach, bay, and brackish shallow and deep water and dry and wet sand metal detecting for fun, trash, and treasures.  Water For many years now I have enjoyed metal detecting mostly on beaches and in the deserts of the American Southwest.  I metal detect in cities and parks too but much less than I have on the beaches and in the remote deserts.  This healthy activity, work, and hobby is not only practical but, to my surprise, also is quite meditative and yes tiring too.  In this series and category, Beach Metal Detecting, on I want to write about some of the limited experiences I have had beach metal detecting.  As well, and more importantly, I want to detail and share the future experiences about our beach metal detecting we will share.  The future News Blog entries we share here will not only focus on dry and wet sand detecting but also shallow water, bay areas, and deeper water salt and brackish water metal detecting.  I have spent many days (in total hours) detecting on beaches in wet and dry sand and I find the activity very enjoyable!  Leaving the vehicle behind with beach scoop and fully charged metal detector in hand with a small backpack on containing some snacks and a canteen of water.  Then sliding the headphones on just as you hit the dry sand off the parking area is quite a nice experience, very peaceful and calming, and there is always the potential of finding some great heavy gold ring or an expensive wrist watch lost in the ocean waves or in the soft warm sand.  My beach detecting days have hopefully only just begun.  There are beaches and bay nearby and afar where I want to spent a lot of time detecting in and out of the water.  I plan to use this first post here to mark the beginning of series of posts to share with the adventures in beach metal detecting we can share with you, the tools we use, the things we we learn along the way, and especially the trash and treasures we recover and what we do with it.  Thanks for coming to the News Blog and reading along.  Please use our comment section for your feedback, questions, and suggestions.  We look forward to future trips and the stories and treasures we find to share with you.  Thanks, Aaron – GTAO Vlogs

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    1. Well thank very kindly Toni and thank you for reading one of my first blog posts and adding your comment! These digital places to record and share the adventures from GTAO Vlogs are highly functional and flexible indeed. While I don’t plan to be adding anymore than weekly regularly, there will be times where posts are more frequent and some will interest you and not other readers. Side benefits of this writing I think are my creativity will be kindled and certainly my typing speed must improve ..or I need to master some of this dictation software they make these days! I’ll cover the trips and treasures in interesting ways with photos, videos, and my own original art at some points and with details of the treasures along the way. Likely there will be pages of research here and there, solicited input form viewers and friends, and I think contests and maybe even some hidden parts and places within the website may peak the interest of some of my viewers. We sure will see as things progress. Thanks again for reading and adding your thoughts, Aaron – GTAO VLogs

    1. Hey Ray, thanks very much for reading my entry and commenting! Yes, metal detecting particularly the oceans and sand is very meditative and enjoyable. This Zen-like result was a complete surprise to me and very noticeable. I look forward to getting back and doing it again much more, really getting into it, and the shallow (waist/chest deep) water detecting in bays, rivers, and the beaches. At the moment, I’m pretty far from the coast for just a day trip so I will need to get closer for trips or may the tips a couple nights. Thanks again for your feedback! I’m learning here how to add a Subscribe button to our News Blog. In the meantime, email me at gtao@protonmail and I will add your email to the Blog Subscription list then you will be notified about all new posts. Thanks again and Happy Hunting! Aaron

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