project a:

sustain & grow gtao vlogs

By continuing to improve our video content and following a more regular schedule we hope our content reaches more viewers on the digital platforms we use.  As well we hope to grow our Partner numbers, grow the number and type of items in our store, and continue and improve our mountain and desert placer gold prospecting and mining vlogs.  If you want and are able to help our channel, please visit our store and make a purchase, sign up for monthly shipments of our Pay Dirts or our Dry Washing Concentrates, consider joining us on Patreon or Subscribestar as supporters or set up scheduled $1-5 PayPal payments by using any credit or debit card.  Shopping at our store and making monthly payments through PayPal are the most direct ways to support GTAO Vlogs.  Every bit of support really helps a lot and we appreciate it!  To sustain and grow GTAO Vlogs is our Project A and we thank you for visiting our website, any feedback you have, and for your support. 

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project b:

new vlog series to begin 2021

From the beginning of gtao vlogs, we have written and spoken about meteorite hunting trips and beach and shallow water detecting trips as a regular part of our channel and we plan to begin these series in 2021!  We are looking forward to our first space rocks and getting back to the rivers and beaches for detecting and just to be there.  Naturally these types of trips will have opportunities for camping, exploring, possible hunting and fishing, and other fun activities to share and add to the videos.  Later in the year, or it may need to wait until 2020, we want to acquire and employ a hookah system for placer gold sniping and deeper water metal detecting and this will be a new hookah based video series coming soon.  To add new vlog series in 2021 is our Project B.

project c:

ongoing & future goals for gtao vlogs

TREASURE TRAVELS: Along with the continuing Project A , sustaining and growing GTAO vlogs, we have goals to expand and widen the places and countries we travel to to create and share the adventures, see and learn about these new places, meet the people there, and discover what gold and other mineral prospecting and mining, metal detecting, and treasure hunting can be done and what we find.  Naturally, we will start to widen our search areas as we are financially able and do our best to keep the costs as low as possible.  These kinds of plans are future dreams for “Treasure Travel”!  Creating entertaining GTAO VLogs along the way, meeting new people and friends, and discovering the adventures which ensue!   Particularly interesting to us in the beginning is the treasure travel to meet, spend time, and create videos with our friends in the YFRC (see below about the YFRC) and learn about their home areas, hang out, and do some treasure hunting with them and for their YouTube channels.  Visiting, staying with, and filming with our friends we met through our creative work on YouTube and the internet, we think, would be the most amazing thing and quite a great treasure itself!  GTAO VLogs will be seeking sponsors as possible and available to fund parts of the treasure travel trips and everything form gear to travel arrangements will be necessary.  Lastly, a third area for treasure travel will be traveling to “treasure travel” type destinations and create a GTAO Vlogs series or a single video for that place, property, or business.   We can learn about, film, and share the locations, amenities, and adventures that these places offer their patrons.  In addition, we can make regular GTAO Vlogs in those areas and along the way while we are there!  You can read more about these “Partner” possibilities in our “Services” area.  Interested individuals and entities are encouraged to contact us so we can talk about sponsorships, plan the trips on a calendar, and learn what you want and how we can work together and have some fun!

PRODUCT INNOVATION & DESIGN:  We are always thinking of and planning for helpful products or additions and modifications to available products.  From small hand crafted tools and gear to much larger products we are constantly thinking about and developing useful, strong, and simply built items and tools to get things done.  Several of these products, particularly the small to medium sized items, we will make available in our store.  Some of our items are really simple “Do It Yourself” type items are others will be produced by us and for sale to fund our operations.  We will also have other merchandise and gift-cards from our GTAO Vlogs’ product and service sponsors available along with other gear, our Pay Dirts, our Dry Washing Concentrates, digital resources, and other items.  Our store will now be a secured store using PayPal and is coming soon friends!  Thank you.   

project c2:

MULTI-STATE GROUP CAMP HAND & MACHINE MINING PARTNERSHIPS: These GTAO Vlogs goals and plans are in the planning stages ongoing yet, practically speaking, are not going to be happening for a year or more.  These are large projects especially for us yet they are achievable, interesting, and worthwhile.  Some aspects of these plans we will be working on regularly and overtime, others require buying and building equipment, and some require new mineral claims that we have not yet even visited, sampled, or located and or purchased.  The steps to locating and establishing these mineral claims will make for some great GTAO Vlogs in the future!  Still, these are plans, and indeed dreams, for the future we think once set up and maintained will be ongoing for decades to come which will only get more fun and successful as our experience grows.  1) GTAO Vlogs wants to locate, stake, and record new placer gold claims in both mountain and desert placer gold areas in several Western states.  2) We want to buy, and rent in some cases, and design and build larger scale placer gold processing equipment designed for both the desert and the mountain areas separately.  These plants will be highly portable, be hand and or machine fed, operated by as few as two to three people, and most likely will be stored near the claim areas in the off season rather than moving them from region to region.  3) Lastly and coinciding with these longer term goals, we want to offer our various Partners, Sponsors, and Subscribers and their friends and or families opportunities to join us as regularly as possible at the different locations when the weather is nice or at least tolerable.  The idea here is to bring together our friends to share in the outdoor adventure and work together at placer gold mining to get more done and MORE GOLD with teamwork than we could ever do alone.  Participants will be involved with every part of the operation possible from breaking ground to pouring refined molten gold!  To set up and sustain these operations along with our own funding, we will need investments from interested individuals, sponsors, and or organizations.  We also want to provide placer gold mining, history, knowledge and understanding, camping, and group bonding opportunities for other individuals, entities, and charitable groups like Scouts of America, Veterans groups, and others.  As can be expected, these outings will require careful planning, organization and logistics and the signing of agreements by the participants and their friends and or family members and proper papers filed with the appropriate land management agencies.  There will be ways for our sponsors to advertise and provide gear and equipment for us to use for the events and for the participants to keep and take home with them.  Food and drinks for the participants will be provided by them or catered aside from some specific planned group meals.  As you can read here, there is a lot to do here and create for Project C2 to come together and happen and we are aware of many of the obstacles.  Still, we look forward to accomplishing these plans and dreams and sharing in the pursuit of American placer gold and great times with our families and friends!!  So, let’s get started!  We encourage interested people, various entities, sponsors, associations, and experienced individuals who want to help and participate to get in touch with us.  To investigate, pursue, and develop these various ongoing and future goals is our Project C.   

Contact us to provide sponsorships, expertise, and get involved,  thank you, Aaron  email:

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