News, Update, and Message to a supporter August 2021 GTAO VLOGS Blog!

Hi friends, I made the two trips recently to each area and posted the footage from one area so far for the Silver Bullion video.  For the second area I have footage from that trip for the next video that I haven’t made yet.  My next trip soon will likely be out to the desert again and I’ll get out there a couple hours before sunset, work into the night, have an overnight, and then more digging in the am before it gets too hot.  I’ll get more footage again for the channel, Patrons, and I have a GoPro to start using and learn about.  I have to sample each place to get an idea of gold, gold per dry washer run, etc.  The trouble with most detectors even these days with all the advancements is they cannot see the small gold except if it’s right on the surface.  So, the area I have been working the last few trips is a place where I already sampled and recovered some nice pieces and fines previously.  I’ve been out with people who used Dowsing Rods to decide where to dig but I’m not a believer in them (and I own two sets, haha!).  Really sampling is the best way.  Pick an area or layer etc., run the dry washer, and pan it out to see if there’s GOLD!  For this upcoming trip I want to first get the Patron dry washer concentrates collected for some shipments.  Then I will run as many more runs as I can to do a bigger on camera panning session and hopefully recover more gold and enough to weigh on my digital scale.  Among other things, tasks, bills, maintenance work in my Nissan, and daily life that’s the plan for the next trip …an overnight.
After that I really have some metal detectors that need to be used and some other outdoor activities like some game hunting or fishing for a good change of pace!  I sure hope you and yours are well and keeping busy, getting outside staying active, and not focusing on our insane “woke” society.  It’s important to remember and very easily forgotten that what is portrayed and promoted by the Medias (social, hollywood, deep state, and international) is a narrative and the views are of a promoted and planned tiny minority of the regular masses of people.  Most of us are normal good people yet just not part of the “narrative”.
My dad and I and possibly some family are planning for a trip to our Liberty River Gold Claims upcoming and that will be interesting and fun!  We are planning for a week or so and not definite on the gear to use there and I’ll definitely be restocking on the Liberty River Pay Dirt!  It will be great to get over there, check on things on the claims, and spend some good times with my dad.
Ongoing, I keep thinking about scaling up and how to scale up with larger desert placer mining equipment and I’ve concluded that we will need a quite large material tumbler/classifier for the majority of the locations I have in mind as the initial part of the trailer mounted process.  The Lode locations (if and when we look to them) will require a jaw crusher and ball or chain mill type initial processor.  After the initial processors, the rest of the processing is pretty much the same whether placer of lode for gold but silver is more complicated!
Thinking about locating (or possibly buying after visiting) new claims and I was recently writing to a Gold Placer & Lode book author about desert claims in Nevada, Arizona, or California and mountain claims in Montana, Idaho, or Wyoming.  Initially we want to go through the process of locating claims after prospecting or buying and plan for highly portable seasonal placer operations starting small in two different locations (mountain & desert) at the right times of the year weather wise.  The idea would be to either move along fruitful ground or in some places if the deposits are significant enough grow into semi-permanent facilities on the spot and that step is a big one because in my thinking that would mean security and persons on site round the clock.  Anyway, none of these plans happen without investment, plans, a budget, time, and a lot of work.  I think it will be challenging, interesting, fun, and adventure for sure and filming along the whole process will help to share the stories and build publicity and support.
Thanks again for your support, your views, subscriptions, and please add your suggestions, comments, and questions on our posts on Patreon, Bitchute, Rumble, YouTube or wherever, …Facebook.  Questions are particularly good friends and about the content of the post or the video.  The support really helps and we are thankful to our supportive and participatory viewers!
Thanks so much and stay well out there.  Aaron

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