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from the beginning we have never been alone in our dreams & goals

“From the get go as new gold prospectors my dad and I found a lively and friendly community of current and former treasure hunters, detectorists, gold miners, and explorers in our local prospecting clubs and also met key friends out in the field.  Since starting GTAO Vlogs, we have met many more great friends!  Some have become supporters, subscribers, buyers of our products, and sponsors and we call them all …PARTNERS.”  Aaron – GTAO Vlogs

please thank our sponsors

A key to our continuation and growth is to welcome product or service sponsors of our GTAO Vlogs. We encourage sponsorships and plan to use the products and or feature the sponsors in our videos. We work closely with sponsors to meet their needs as unique advertisers. These sponsorships help to cover regular costs and will feature the great products or services in the videos, on the website, and more. We have a limited need for key sponsors so please contact us if your company may sponsor one or more videos.

  • we are looking for a few sponsors to contribute product(s) for our regular use in our videos and funds per video when the product(s) are used
  • sponsors could also provide some items (smaller products or company Merchandise) for our viewers with our giveaways, prizes, or general coupon(s)
  • products and services will be used in and demonstrated in videos repeatedly
  • Special seasonal product offerings or new releases from sponsors can be arranged, etc
  • needed sponsors: wet & dry placer gold mining equipment, diving equipment, metal detecting, general camping, outdoor / work wear suppliers
  • other needed sponsors: 4X4 truck / suv, 4X4 tires, 4X4 cabover camper, 4×4 quads, recreational trailer camper / toy hauler, utility / gear trailer
  • the sponsor’s products may be used, returns, or factory “seconds”. 
  • we welcome donations of Gift cards, gear & equipment useful for our trips, camping, mining, & metal detecting work
  • all sponsors will be shown in videos, on our website, and have a dedicated category on our news blog. 
Subscription Contributors

Subscription based contributors have proven to be an integral part of our plans and goals. Currently we have monthly subscribers who receive 1/4 pound Pay Dirt bags or Dry Washing Concentrates from our mining work in their mailbox every month and this can be arranged weekly as well.
Secondly, there are Patreon Patrons who contribute different amounts using their Patreon account. GTAO Vlogs is truly grateful for the support! Also, we plan to arrange other subscription type ways of support including recurring payments through PayPal and some others.

viewers & subscribers

Contributing financially has never been expected of our viewers and supporters and we are well aware that only some people are able to contribute money to help our channel continue. In particular this reality has been a reason to encourage sponsors of GTAO Vlogs and to offer products for sale to raise funds. Our viewers help our channel and a great deal by watching, Liking, sharing, and Commenting on our videos. This participation is a great help, we encourage it, are thankful for it, and try to produce content that deserves it! Viewers may share our videos with their friends, families, on other video platforms, and on their social media. This help from viewers is much appreciated & truly helpful. Thank you!

gtao vlogs' store

Our new store is easy to navigate and 100% secured. Our various Pay Dirts and Dry Washing Concentrates will be for sale for the viewers who want to prospect along with us. GTAO Vlogs will also have various gold, metal detecting, and treasure travel related merchandise, original photo art, original art and prints, gear and gadgets, our sponsor's products and gift cards, links to relics, & more!! All purchases will directly help cover regular costs, grow our operations, and make more videos. Thank you for your support. Aaron - GTAOVlogs

thank the
sponsors of gtaovlogs

Aaron’s GTAO Vlogs started with a very simple objective to share what we love doing on the internet and develop income along the way to help pay the ongoing expenses to continue the hunt!  Along with sales of our own products and support from subscribers, product and service sponsors are key to the continuation and growth of our GTAO Vlogs’ goals and dreams.  Read more about our sponsors and supporters below and in our Blog News page. 

PROUD Friend of the Famous Green Mountain Gold Trap Fluid Bed Classifier

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Naturally to fund our continuation and operations there are services we are happy to provide which are similar to our normal work, activities, and passions.  These services are arranged according to client desires, highly customizable, and represent a potential source of needed revenue for us.  Thanks very kindly!       

Let's work together!

GTAO Vlogs is working to get established, build a larger audience, recruit more sponsors, build and buy bigger mining equipment, and establish year round placer gold mining operations.  Along with these goals and to fund our regular expenses we are always seeking ways to generate additional income and provide value to our clients.

What You Get is unique.

In keeping with our current endeavors and goals, our services best revolve around all aspects of mineral claims, metal detecting for hire for single or extended events, and or creating custom videos or series of videos about a client’s property, place of business, the service they offer, or a gathering or event they want to be covered.  The bottom line is let’s work together to get what you need accomplished whether or not it involves videography services.  Thanks for your consideration and support.  

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