Mountain Placer Gold Prospecting

Prospecting for placer gold in mountain areas. Almost every placer gold deposit and region has differences and similarities.  Some have seasonal water, some year round water, and some are nearly always dry and then there are situations in between these.  The deposits themselves, the locations, the states of erosion and deposition are different.  As a gold prospector you need to get to these areas and prospect with various methods in various situations and conditions and, depending on your plans, stay for a short trip, many days, or longer.  Some more casual prospectors are looking for a little gold from their trip and effort and that may be all they want.  Typically and traditionally, a prospector will be sampling to determine the presence and boundaries of a deposit and any potential for placer mining with larger processing methods during that trip or over a longer duration of days, months, or years.  This is a first post on the large topic of mountain placer gold prospecting and mining and, more than anything, is an introduction to the category and a location to add to and develop over time and as GTAO Vlogs continues.   This will be the first post in our News Blog category Mountain Placers.   Thanks for coming and stay tuned friends.  Please add your comments, suggestion, feedback, and requests for they all are appreciated.  Thanks, Aaron

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