A Recent Letter to a Buyer, Supporter of GTAO VLOGS, FYI

We Are Fully Clear and Upfront With Our Buyers, Our Supporters

9 November 2020

The following is a recent email letter sent to a buyer/supporter of ours PRIOR to working on, preparing, and then shipping their order.  Putting the letter here on our blog will be helpful as a reference to our future buyers/supporters and to those interested in becoming future buyers/supporters.  We sure appreciate the support friends.  Please read the letter below to learn more details and thanks once again, Aaron GTAOVLOGS.com
“Hello and thanks for your orders of our Dry Washing Concentrates and Raw Volcanic Desert Pay Dirt from our gtaovlogs.com store!  Every purchase helps us make new trips, pay for food, fuel, tools as needed etc. and we are thankful for the support.  Sorry for the long email yet it’s important to us that you read everything and respond at your convenience.  Thanks again!
You ordered Dry Washing Concentrates & Raw Volcanic Bulk Pay Dirt. The only variety of our items you didn’t order are the 1/4 lb Pay Dirt bags.  All three types of items have in common that they are classified to remove the 1/4 inch and larger rock and they are unwashed which means we do not search them for gold.  We leave that part, the searching, to our buyers, our supporters and this way they can prospect right along with us from wherever they are.  1) Because they are not washed/searched they are the real deal and they are dusty, dirty, and contain the organics that are present in that area and they will make your panning or processing water dirty. 2) Only the 1/4 pound Pay Dirt bags have Placer Gold added and it’s only a small amount to each bag.  Individually the 1/4lb bags cost between $4-5 before shipping and as you can imagine they have less than that amount, in dollar value, in gold added.  We hope you have read about this in the item’s descriptions and if not please do fully read them. https://gtaovlogs.com/store/
The authenticity (unsearched) of the dirt (the dirtiness) and the fact that ONLY the 1/4 lb bags have gold added are the two particular points for us that are important to go over with you. We DO NOT add gold to the Dry Washing Concentrates or the Raw Bulk Pay Dirts.  For both types of items this gives the buyer the real deal experience.  When and if they recover gold or good or great gold, they can let us know and from which area, batch/code on the bag, etc. so we can get them more and we learn from our buyers.
Our goals selling the items is too have our viewers participate with what we do and help generate funds so we can continue searching, prospecting, our videos, and eventually find, locate, file our own private claims, and develop approved plans of operations to do larger scale gold mining and if we had lots of capital this wouldn’t be necessary.
Our goal is not to cheat, or rip off our buyers, our supporters and that’s why we have written every last detail down about our items.  Before we work for, prepare and ship your orders, we are happy to 100% issue you a refund.  Once we do prepare and ship (with electronic tracking) your orders, we will not allow returns or any amount of refund.  Please, I need to restate there will be no refunds of your money or any returns of your items.
So once again, thank you greatly for your purchases, we really appreciate them and your support!  Thank you!  At the same time we don’t want disappointed or dissatisfied buyers.
After you receive this email, please respond that you have read everything here and in the item’s descriptions and either:
1) want your orders prepared and shipped as soon as can, that you understand there are no returns or refunds, and that you will not file a claim with PayPal about your orders OR: 2) that you would prefer a full refund of the money you have paid to us through PayPal.
Either option is fine and we do appreciate the support!  Please respond at your convenience.  We typically send out shipments right away, carefully packed and with tracking every time after hearing back from our buyers when the items are in stock and we are planning an overnight trip soon to fill your orders and some others.  Again sorry for the long email, we want everything to be clear and we are looking forward to hearing from you.
Thanks again and best wishes always, Aaron https://gtaovlogs.com/ 
Thanks also for the taking the time to read this letter we sent to a recent buyer.  We are always open to questions, suggestions, feedback, and, of coarse, always looking for a few regular product or service sponsors to regularly present in our video in subtle ways such as product placement, product usage, and product demonstration or service usage, location destinations to be involved in our videos.
Thanks again very kindly and best wishes Always, Aaron email anytime ( gtao@protonmail.com )

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