2020 A Terrible & Terrific Year Friends!

Merry Christmas 2020 to all our amazing viewers!  Wishing you and yours safety, great health, Liberty, and prosperity today on this special day and going forward into the new year 2021. This strange year 2020 sadly reminds me in many ways of the year 2000.  Both years the dawn of a possible new time with glorious possibilities for beauty, love, cooperation, and promise for the humans on Earth and basically the promotion of the Good in most things over Evil.  Instead what has been crafted in both times is fear, disorder, distrust, sickness, and more uncertainty.  Troubling times indeed we are in when Evil is ruling and it seems without much publicized opposing force or forces.  Troubling times indeed my friends and, at once, while there is so much Promise it seems just out of reach because of the contrived state of everything promoted as reality.

Aside from these persistent concerns and the InJustices most of us see, GTAO VLOGS is gearing up for our first Patreon shipment in 2021, a first trip of 2021, more video platforms, and looking forward to making fun and interesting videos during the new year for you all to enjoy!  We are thankful to be here with you and to share our videos and adventures with you too.  Also we are truly thankful to the awesome friendly creators we have met mostly on YouTube, our supporters on Subscribestar (Link Here), Patreon (Link Here) , and our new and regular buyers on our website store (Store Link) and Etsy shop (Etsy Link). 

We have had a challenge here on the website with Spammer commenters on our pages adding malicious links to spam and suspicious sites.  We don’t approve the comments so they aren’t seen but nor are we provided a way to block the Spammers without paying more for the website.  So we are planning to stop using comment sections in general.  We will have posts upcoming with comments open for drawings, special feedback, etc. yet in general we will close the comments on previous pages because of these Spammers.  So please add your comments, feedback, and suggestions to Aaron at our email (gtao@protonmal.com).  We welcome your involvement!   Also please comment on our videos on Bitchute (BITCHUTE), Rumble (RUMBLE), LBRY (LBRY), YouTube (YOUTUBE), !  We appreciate your participation very much and we also plan to add our content to new video platforms that become available and those who  promote free speech, Liberty, Truth, Objective Facts, and Justice over feelings, wokeness, and political ideologies, etc.

Many thanks and much Love friends! Happy Hunting, your friend Aaron

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