April 2021 and we’re gearing up not giving up!

Big thanks to our Patreon Patrons for your continued support!   We ourselves have had a confluence of challenges in the past year or more and our travels and video creation has been on the back burner.  We as a people, as world citizens, as humans are indeed continually in peril when our “leaders” [clearly not actual leaders] are fully sociopathic, selfish, and egomaniacal liars.  They [most in both parties yet not all] are the antithesis of Public Servants.  This is not new we know.  Yet the continued treachery and deceit of these officials ramps up to new levels because of their avarice and because the criminals who came before them are forced into silence.  A prospector I know recently said, “They are just two wings of the same bird and I’m not on either side!  The whole bird is Evil!”  This is so clearly true.  What has changed so enormously is the lack of an unbiased and honest media.  The media has been corrupt for along time [since the media began], however, they had no viable competition and what changed everything is The Internet and now their mere corruption isn’t enough.  So now the media has combined forces with political correctness, the Woke idiots and the leftist minions too afraid to step out of line, Cancel Culture, legions of mis-educated youth, the media’s corruption and their dire need to destroy the competition of truth, rationality, and the alternative media online.  We all need to figure and act on a strong and easy way to Unite together in a semi-formal manner across the nation, each state with designated moderators and members in each county, to form a consensus of Americans, all races, creeds, backgrounds, etc. [regular everyday Americans] so we have organization, numbers, and the combined will to peacefully but forcefully bring a new American Revolution, a New Independence Day to achieve what once was had but has been eroded and corrupted: A renewed Independence from the Crown-Vatican-World Bankers-Tri Lateral Commission-WHO-United Nations-the War-Crime-Vice profiteers-the Multinational Corporations, etc sociopathic parasitic control freaks and sadistic narcissists.  We need to do this for ourselves, each other, our communities, all nations’ regular people, and the Earth itself.  United We Stand is a profound few words friends.

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Still, even with all the organized chaos and planned “order” we have never missed a shipment to our buyers on the website, on our Etsy shop, or to our amazing Patreon Patrons!  After some recent needed vehicle repairs, we are gearing up now for another desert overnight camp and dry washing for gold.  We will be getting a new batch of dry washer concentrates and some bulk raw pay dirt material as well.  Shout out to our friends on the internet, on Bitchute, on Rumble, and on  SubscribeStar who are are FreeSpeech based platforms and thanks to our  supporters on Patreon and YouTube.  We’re coming back first with some desert videos surprise, SURPRISE and more to come.  We will be giving the first 5 ounces of Silver Bullion rounds to our commenters from the  last video and announcing another one!  The last year plus has been  insane & thankfully busy too and with new software and some better gadgets we plan to have improved videos that are simpler to create and upload.  Please when you watch our videos add your comments, hit the thumbs up or upvote the videos, share where you can, and please Subscribe if you haven’t.  All this helps our videos to reach a larger audience and we appreciate your help.  We continue to look for a few great sponsors by the way.  Make comments, questions, or suggestions whenever you can to share your feedback?

Thanks again everyone.  Take care of yourselves and those you know and love and think about the good and the positive all the time and fight against everything wrong when you can.  We are always thankful to our new viewers, subscribers, and supporters and  wishing you and yours safely, health, Liberty, and prosperity going  forward.  Always thankful!  Aaron  email: gtao@protonmail(dot)com

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