New 2020 Changes to GTAO VLOGS Friends!

Happy New Year 2020 & Rewarding Our Supportive Viewers

18 January 2020.  Hello friends and welcome to 2020 and the newest blog post on!

Firstly, BIG THANKS to our financial supporters on Patreon (PATREON), Subscribestar (SUBSCRIBESTAR) our Etsy Shop (OUR ETSY SHOP)  and our online Store ( GTAOVLOGS STORE ) buyers for their support and confidence!  Thank you all very much!

Ongoing we sure will benefit from more financial supporters, we know that many of us don’t have “extra” cash to spend, and we have never “expected” that we will receive contributions from many or all our viewers.  Also, we have always had products viewers can purchase and get something cool and unique and probably from our videos in return for their help.  If you are able to contribute as little as $1 per month or want rewards from our shop sent to you every month then Patreon is a GREAT way to support us!  You can also join us on Subscribestar as little as $2.99 per month to help us reach our monthly goal which will help fund 1-2 trips per month.  Subscribestar is great because they are a free speech and no censorship type website which is important these days with the absurd political correctness going on everywhere it seems.

If you want to shop in our Etsy shop, our online store, or when we have items for sale on Ebay (OUR EBAY SHOP) , the funds generated from these purchases (after costs, fees, & shipping) directly go to the continuation of GTAO VLOGS and we GREATLY the support!  Lastly at zero cost and to support what we do, viewers can Like (upvote), Comment on ask questions on our videos, Subscribe to our channels on YouTube (YOUTUBE), Steemit (STEEMIT), and Bichute (BITCHUTE), and you can SHARE our content to your social media or other video platforms.  All these different ways of supporting GTAO VLOGS really help a lot, we appreciate the help very much, and this gets right to the point of this particular blog post:  Commenting on our videos and sharing our videos really helps GTAO VLOGS and we want to reward the viewers who help us by sending our Pay Dirts and Dry Washing Concentrates to these viewers as a way thanking you and sharing with you the gold prospecting & mining we do and other fun things along the way!

Using The Comment Section for GTAO VLOGS & Sharing Our Videos?

From the Discussion section (GTAO VLOGS DISCUSSION PAGE) on our YouTube channel:  “Hey friends, Happy New Year 2020! Starting NOW we will be rewarding commenting on and or sharing our videos by shipping our #gtaovlogs Pay Dirts and Dry Washing Concentrates to our viewers who help our channel in these ways. Viewers who are not YouTube creators might not be aware how much commenting and asking questions in the comment section helps a creator’s channel and how much it helps if viewers share our videos on social media or on other video platforms. We want to reward viewers who participate in the comment section and especially in constructive ways. Fair warning, profanity in our comment section, will be removed or not approved to start with. We want to reward viewers who share our videos. The help and participation from our viewers means everything to us, we appreciate it and will choose comments we like and reward our supportive viewers and share the prospecting for GOLD experience you see in our videos with the viewers who help our channel. How we track those of you who share our videos we have to figure that out? If you’re interested in sharing our videos to help our channel, email to and we’ll figure out how to reward you with Pay Dirts or Dry Washing Concentrates. We will post what we send to who (with their permission) in upcoming videos. We cannot guarantee a certain amount or number of rewards per video because our budget is and remains small and it is not feasible to create debt for these rewards. Please understand that from the beginning and ongoing we have financial difficulties just like most of you and with our Treasure Hunting & Prospecting itself we haven’t made big finds of Treasure Hoards or Rich Gold & Silver deposits. So we continue to work within our financial limitations and cannot go into debt for our channel. On another note and importantly, we want to ask our viewers to play the full length of our videos. As a viewer, if you don’t watch the full video YouTube is aware of that and it doesn’t help our channel. From our end, we will continue to do our best to make content that is engaging, entertaining, and as interesting as we can and plan to continue to improve our content quality and expand the places we travel to for our GTAO VLOGS. Keep in mind that Patreon supporters can choose Monthly Rewards from us as a thank you for their financial support of our channel ( Patreon link: ) and we have an online shop where you can find our products and in the future possibly sponsors products and other fun items ( GTAO VLOGS Store link: ). Thanks very much to the viewers, Subscribers, Friends and Supporters, and our great Sponsors! Once again Happy New Year 2020! Let’s make it a great year everyone! Cheers, Stay Well, & Happy Hunting! Aaron”

Our Motivations to Seek Financial Help for GTAO VLOGS

All of these ways we ask for and seek financial help from viewers, sponsors, and supporters and sell our items online and our GTAO VLOGS related products in our online store is to fundraise for GTAO VLOGS expenses, plans, goals, operations, and continuation.  We are not trust fund owners, financially independent, well off, or even financially sound and we cannot afford to go into debt.  We also don’t own or have deals with commercial machine mining operations but dig with hand tools and do the best we can.  This is why we seek financial help, sell things, and seek product and or service sponsors for our channel and to help fund our adventures, gear, and supplies.  Most, if not all, of you reading this completely understand a weak financial position.  Driving to the nearest gold fields for us requires two tanks of gasoline at least and then there are tools, machines and repairs, driving time, time in the field with the weather, the hazards of being out there like weather and temperature extremes and possible breakdowns, injuries, snake bites and these sorts of things, and the labor itself of detecting for hours or all day or breaking up and shoveling material through our machines to recover gold or …hope to recover some gold.  These are the realities of the outdoors travel adventures we want to do and the gold prospecting and mining we do and attempt to do.  These are the realities of prospecting for gold and not already having an ongoing and profitable operation.  We enjoy most of these things and the outdoors and being out there far away form the cities, the traffic, and the crowds.  From the beginning we never expected viewers would contribute money to our channel and we didn’t know about Patreon or that type of supporter site.  Still, GTAO VLOGS always thought that some viewers do want to participate in the prospecting along with us for example with our Pay Dirts and other unique products.  We are thankful and grateful to the viewers who have found our videos and choose to help GTAO VLOGS however they can and are able to and we don’t hold it against anybody if they choose not to support us or aren’t able to.

How To Reward Viewers Who Comment On AND/OR Share Our Content

Now that you better understand our motivations and financial realities and why we ask for help, seek sponsors, and sell things to raise money, you will understand how we go about rewarding viewers who use the comment section of our videos and those viewers who share our videos.  First off, we will be choosing comments we like and then attempting to contact that viewer to get their mailing address and email so we can send them at no cost Pay Dirt, Dry Washing Concentrates, detecting finds, and other things, for example, a sponsor’s product or products.  The details will be worked out as we go.  We will be working on the sharing videos part as it’s a little more complicated than just rewarding supportive commenters in the comment section.  Regarding viewers sharing our videos, by approving the viewer we can allow them (after we hear from them at to post links to where they have shared the post in the comment section of the video.  For both of these situations, we will need the viewers email and mailing address.

Then, in future videos we will announce that we sent or are going to send and to what viewer(s).   Very likely we will be reading the comments and or showing the “shares” in the future videos as well with screen capture type videos (working on that high-tech stuff).  So, anyway there’s some work involved here and a little uncertainty because this is a new thing for GTAO VLOGS and we have to learn how to do this best.  We look forward to rewarding our viewers who help us repeatedly by participating in our comment sections and share our videos.  You will be helping us and we can share some items with you as a thanks for your help!  With all this in mind, we will be able to offer some items and not for every viewer who comments on and or shares our videos.  We would quickly lose money doing that and we cannot lose money while at the same time asking and seeking to raise money.  Right, we can all understand this right?  As and if our channel grows, we get new sponsors, our numbers of Patreon Patrons or Subscribestar members grows, our sales on the website grow, etc we will be able to expand with more or better rewards and to more viewers.  So, I hope you all understand what we are saying here.  If you are interested in adding your comments, suggestions, or questions in our videos comments sections and or sharing our videos, please email Aaron at so we can get your name, email, and mailing address and have it ready.  Also, this way we know you’re interested.  Thanks very kindly, stay well, happy hunting, and until next time!  Aaron



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