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  • No Guaranteed Gold
  • One Full Riffle Tray 1/4 Inch Minus
  • Genuine Real Deal Concentrates

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Prospect Along With GTAO Vlogs & Support More Trips & Videos.  Unique Gifts!

These Dry Washer Concentrates are genuine from our GTAO Vlogs desert and semi-desert dry washing placer gold mining work in the Great American West!  When the conditions are tolerable and the ground is dry enough or extremely dry, we prospect and run our dry washer to process the auriferous (containing gold) material from these remote areas.  There is no water in these places so we bring some for cooking, drinking, and sometimes panning of our dry washing concentrates.

The “dry washing” machines use vibration, gravity, and air from a blower to process (wash) the material which has been classified through a 3/8 inch grizzly (metal screen).  After sampling (prospecting) and finding placer gold, we break up and dig up the earth from that spot and shovel it into the hopper of our dry washer.  The oversize material (larger than the grizzly) rolls off as waste and the rest of the material runs into and through the dry washer and over a series of traps (the riffle tray of the machine) which capture the heaviest of elements including any GOLD!  The material that is captured in the machine is known as “Dry Washer Concentrates” and these are bagged up and labeled for you to process at your convenience.  Before bagging them, we run the concentrates through a 1/4 inch screen to remove the larger waste rocks.  Each item for sale is an ENTIRE RIFFLE TRAY 1/4 minus classified from a run with our dry washing machine.  The gold you recover is what was captured in the dry washer from our work in the gold fields.  You might find placer gold dust, pickers, or small nuggets!  The more careful you are processing the better your results will be.  You will also recover other heavy elements naturally occurring in and unique to the area and also perhaps lead left from decades of hunters and target shooters.  Please email us photos of the GOLD you recover and we would like to hear about your results and experience.  All our unique products are carefully packaged before shipping and make for great gifts too!  All orders come with electronic tracking and especially for larger orders we recommend adding signature confirmation (message us to add this) to ensure safe delivery.

They are unwashed and unsearched for gold so you will find dust, organics, stones, and every element including gold that was captured in the riffle tray and they will dirty your panning water because they are not pre-washed (searched for gold).  Also we DO NOT add placer gold to these bags so we cannot guarantee that there is gold.  Ask any questions you have before purchasing because ALL SALES ARE FINAL, WE WILL ACCEPT NO RETURNS, & OFFER NO REFUNDS. 

Please read about the items and ask any questions prior to placing your order.  Just send us an email to Aaron ( ) and Thank you for your support!  Please see our videos on YouTube here: GTAO Vlogs on YouTube

Happy Prospecting Friends and stay well out there!!

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Dimensions 8 × 6 × 3 in

1 review for GTAO Vlogs Dry Washing Cons | 1 Bag | Real USA

  1. GMGT (verified owner)

    I have been using GTAOVlogs Pay Dirt and Cons for quite some time now as a thank you gift added into placed orders on my web site.
    The Dry Washing Cons in my opinion give the buyer the Real Feel, just like if you were out and getting it yourself.
    This is what I truly love about GTAOVlogs products. That special touch of giving his customers that real experience.

    • GTAO Vlogs

      Thanks very kindly for the good report on our products and service! GTAO Vlogs products are genuine and exactly as they are fully described. Not only are they the real deal from our mining efforts in the mountains and deserts in the American West but also we pack them with great care, with information about what they are detailed instructions, and we ship as quickly as possible with tracking (whenever possible) on every order. Selling these products to our viewers directly helps to fund our operations continuation, growth, and potential future plans and we tremendously appreciate your support and all support.
      Thanks very kindly and Happy Hunting, Aaron

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