GTAO Vlogs COMBO BOX Gold Pay Dirts | 16 X 1/4lb Bags | Four Placer Areas | Real USA


  • 4 X Liberty River | 4 X Volcanic Desert
  • 4 X AREA51 | 4 X Jurassic River
  • Sixteen 1/4lb Bags  | Added Gold
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Prospect Along With GTAO Vlogs & Support More Trips & Videos.  Unique Gifts!

These gold panning pay dirts are genuine from our GTAO Vlogs desert and mountain placer gold mining work in the Great American West!  When the conditions are tolerable, we prospect and mine for placer gold whenever we can and run our dry washers, river sluices, or high bankers to process the auriferous (containing gold) material from these remote areas and recover what gold we can.

These GTAO Vlogs gold panning pay dirts are not gathered from just anywhere.  These are the same placer gold areas where we film our videos, camp, hunt, fish, and stay for as long as we can each trip!  They are federal United States mineral claims that we own or have permission to prospect and mine on.  First we prospect (sample) and locate placer gold.  Then we sample more to try to determine where the best layer or part of the area is before we put the material through a 1/4 inch screen to remove the larger waste rocks.   Then for these GTAO Vlogs Gold Pay Dirts, because they are not concentrates like our (Dry Wash Concentrates) but just classified raw material from good placer gold localities, we add a small amount of real placer gold to each bag before machine sealing and labeling of them for you.  These bags are each 1/4lb (4 ounces) or a little more and we add some placer gold to ensure that there is gold for you to recover in every bag.  Our goal getting the pay dirt from the best areas is so you may find more gold from the location than what we add.  Because the volume of material is only 1/4lb, we want to guarantee that there is, indeed, some placer gold in each bag for to recover.

These pay dirts like our Dry Wash Concentrates are unwashed and unsearched for gold so you will find dust, organics, stones, and every element including gold that is present naturally in that location.  I REPEAT these are “Real Deal Gold Pay Dirts” from our GTAO Vlogs gold prospecting and mining work and they will dirty your panning water because they are not pre-washed (searched for gold).  Also, we DO add real placer gold to each of these bags.

The gold you recover is what was present in that placer area from our work in the gold fields and the little that we add.  You might find placer gold dust, pickers, or small nuggets!  The more careful you are processing the better your results will be.  We offer our GTAO Vlogs Gold Pay Dirts for sale to share this PLACER GOLD PROSPECTING experience with our friends and viewers and to help raise funds so we can buy gas, fuel, and supplies to do more gold prospecting and mining trips and continue to make video content about these adventures.  We also hope to grow and expand our operations as possible.  Read more about this on our website here: GTAO Vlogs Plans.  Please message us photos of the GOLD you recover and Happy Prospecting Friends!!   All our unique products are carefully packaged before shipping and make for great gifts too!  All orders come with electronic tracking and especially for larger orders we recommend adding signature confirmation (message us to add this) to ensure safe delivery.

Monthly and weekly subscriptions for these Gold Pay Dirts can be arranged and for our Dry Washing Concentrates as well.  We also may supply retailers.  Just send us an email to Aaron ( ) and let’s make it happen.  Thank you for your support!

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