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Custom American placer gold package of pay dirts and raw placer gold from GTAO VLOGS!

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  1. Arranged number of individual 1/4 pound (4oz) American placer gold pay dirts each labeled and machine sealed.  Each bag is guaranteed to contain added placer gold and has the possibility of more undiscovered gold contained in the genuine pay dirts themselves.  These are the same genuine pay dirts that are only collected after we sample and recover gold from that particular location/layer/etc.
  2. Three large boxes (25 pounds each) of bulk genuine American placer gold pay dirts classified 1/4 inch minus, unwashed (unsearched), and NOT salted with gold.  These pay dirts are only collected after gold has been located in the particular, location/layer/etc.  Only after sampling are these pay dirts classified and bagged up for you.  We have these bulk pay dirts available from three distinct American placer gold locations, two desert and one modern river placer areas.  There will be a code on each box stating the area they came from for information and reordering purposes.
  3. Arranged amount of clean American placer gold to be added to the customer’s order.
  4. Please keep in mind that GTAO VLOGS will make other special order packages available.  Just send us an email and let’s work together!
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