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what is the yfrc?
youtube friends ratings Club

The YFRC, A free & Voluntary group of friends, YouTube content creators.
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People ask, “What is the YFRC?”  The YouTube Friends Ratings Club (YFRC) is a free (no cost), and voluntary group of YouTube video creators with the goal of cooperating to support each other’s YouTube channels.  YFRC members support each other by Subscribing to and following each other’s channels, Liking (up-voting) and adding Comments on our friend’s videos.  We are an informal group based on reciprocal kindness and friendly interactions on our video content and we communicate in English.  Through our interactions many of us have become great friends.  Our objective is to help each other’s channels and expect the same help in return from our friends in the YFRC.  

We are limiting the types of channels in the YFRC to gold, silver, gem, & mineral prospecting & mining, metal detecting, treasure hunting of all kinds, coin roll hunting & collecting, outdoor adventures, and survival & bushcraft types of content but we will consider other types and we have agreed to a 25 member limit yet may increase the member limit as needed.  If you are a creator who regularly creates more than 2-3 videos per week or if your videos are regularly very short like less than 2 minutes, your channel probably isn’t a good fit for the YFRC.  We require our members do their part and support our other YFRC members without being asked or reminded to do so. 

Our YFRC will not make your channel successful or your videos popular and making good videos is always up to the channel creator.  Members are encouraged to study and learn about using “Key Words”, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), the various settings within YouTube, and properly using lighting and audio.  Also creators should work to captivate the viewers with prepared content that appeals to as many viewers as possible and or your exact target audience, offers value to the viewers in one way or another, and is overall enjoyable content.  There are countless videos on YouTube about all these subjects and learning about and using these proven aspects to making good video content will always help the content creator make better videos and have a more successful YouTube channel.  We encourage our members to learn and continue to learn how to make quality content. 

If you want to join, email Aaron from GTAO Vlogs at: gtao@protonmail.com and please read and understand this information and our simple rules written below.  We will approve your membership with a vote and get back to you as soon as we can.  Thanks very much!
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yfrc = youtube friends ratings club

yfrc rules

simple yfrc rules:

  1. Subscribe & turn on (click the bell and set to “ALL”) notifications for ALL YFRC members.
  2. Within 24 hours of a YFRC member posting a video: A) Click on the video B) add a Like (up-vote) and C) add a Comment to their video’s comment area.  As your time and interest allows, watch the entire video or as much as you will before clicking away. Full length and longer duration views are most helpful yet we all have differing limits on our time, interests, and schedules. 
  3. If you miss the 24 hour period, don’t stress, but add your View, Like, and Comment as soon as you can.
  4. Invite friendly YouTube creators you know or meet to join us so we can increase the benefit for us all.
  5. Check our page here to stay aware of the current and new YFRC members.
  6. Promptly respond to YFRC emails about new members and other club business.
  7. You can also help our YFRC friends by playing their video channel “Playlists” and by sharing their content on your social media.
yfrC members

yfrc members & their youtube links:


GTAO Vlogs












JOIN US, recruit your friends, AND LET'S WORK TOGETHER!


cheers and happy hunting friends!

42 thoughts on “YFRC | FRIENDS”

  1. Hello friends and welcome to the new YouTube Friends Ratings Club, YFRC, page. This comment and discussion area is open to the public for questions and discussion about the YFRC. We can answer questions from potential members and current members and learn from and help each other. Please keep comments and discussion respectful and constructive. Secondly, add your suggestions and advice for Aaron from GTAO Vlogs, personally, as a novice website creator, video content creator, or as the curator of this YFRC page. I’ll be monitoring this comment section as often as possible but please be patient if you don’t get a response right away or if your comment doesn’t appear right away. These comments will be approved before being posted. You can also email Aaron at: gtao@protonmail.com. Thanks so much everyone and please invite your friendly YouTube creator friends to our YFRC!
    Aaron GTAO Vlogs

        1. Hey great, I’ll be contacting you with and email my friend and it may come to your SPAM folder! I will suggest adding your channel to our YFRC new member panel very soon and get back to you in 12-48 hrs. Cheers and thanks for taking a look. Aaron

  2. Terry - Center Of The Earth Mining

    Joining the YFRC was the best thing I could have done for my YouTube channel. Thanks to Joseph from green mountain gold trap for inviting me and to the members who voted me in. I thank you all.

  3. I thank Aaron for inviting me to be apart of YFRC and for putting in the time for this great web page. To all members keep up your great video’s.

  4. Mike Browning

    I would like to thank bj crow for talking me into joining. Thank you to all on the group who decided to let me in thank you. You guys got some great channels cant wait to see how things go.

  5. The YFRC is not just a club, it is a family. With members from all over the world. Thank you to my new family!

    1. Well written Bj and thanks for adding your comment. I agree completely with you brother. Take care and talk soon then, Aaron

  6. Terry - Center Of The Earth Mining

    Website is looking great!!! I bet it was a lot of work. Thank you for your time and commitment Aaron.

  7. Hello everyone and thank you for your acceptance … Aaron thank you for inviting me and all the work that you have put into this … I have already subscribed to most of you there are a few that I have not yet but I will …

    1. Hey Nick, you are very welcome. A grand side and potential benefit of us working together to help our channels is that we make earnest and long term friends and even great friends in different parts of our great earth. Our club is open to all types of content provided that the creator can communicate in written English and has essentially family friendly content. Invite your friends and our club will be stronger still. Thanks for joining the YFRC, stay well, and I look forward to meeting you face to face. Cheers, Aaron

    1. Hey Nick, thanks for the update brother. No worries, your actions by going back and checking for YFRC member vids while you were occupied will be a good example to follow. It’s in our rules to get to it when you can and we all appreciate your conscientiousness. Thank you. Aaron

    1. Hey you’re welcome Ed and thanks for taking a look. Have you read our simple YFRC rules and would you like to join? It’s free and a nice group of creators. Cheers and let me know? Aaron

  8. Allan's Gold Mining

    Thanks Aaron for the invite to the group. Sharing ideas will be helpful as we grow our channels.


    1. Hi Allan, you are very welcome and would be very welcomed into our small YFRC club in my opinion. We have a nice group of channels all trying to help each other’s channels and reciprocate the friendliness, support, and camaraderie! I sent you an email and it may be in your Spam folder. Please let us know what you think and talk soon. No pressure, it’s a free club.
      Cheers and Happy Hunting,

    1. Hey Jason thanks brother! Invite a friendly YouTuber friend or two and let’s grow the club to have more impact for us all.
      Stay well and happy hunting! Aaron

  9. Very Good Aaron. I like the slight but vital changes to the rules. Looks Good my friend. Thanks, the “PLAY” not watch all the way through is the vital part. I’ve learned that YouTube sees watch time verses likes and comments. If they don’t jive, it actually does more harm than good to our channels.
    MEMBERS, Keep that in mind. You want your channel to do well. And so do all of the other members. One hand washes the other.

    1. Thank you Terry and thanks be being a great member to our YFRC family and a friend to me.
      Thanks again and, yeah, let’s get some GOLD …and treasures, and other things that we find and like…
      Haha, talk soon my friend!

  10. Thank you Aaron for the invite to join this great organiztion. Thanks to all for the acceptance. A special thanks to Andy and Amy for the info about the club. Can I invite another great YouTube creator now or is there a time frame that I need to wait?

    1. Hello Chuck and thank VERY much! Our YFRC family is enriched with your membership! Thanks again. Please ask Andy and Amy to get in the club as soon as they can and you are encouraged to invite friendly YouTubers you know who seem like they will be an asset to the group and benefit from our club’s help.

      1. Thanks Aaron I will get in touch with Andy and Amy today. I believe they are doing an outing on Lynx Creek tomorrow.

  11. This is a general question to all. I have been on YouTube as a creator for a little over a year. I have recently noticed that my view counts vary a lot in a negative way. Just posted a new video yesterday and by 9:00 pm it had 67 views. This morning at about 6:00 am it had only 59 views. I knew that you can loose subscribers. How can you loose views? Maybe this isn’t the place for this question. If not please let me know. Thanks

    1. Hi Chuck, your point is CRITICAL and I think and in my experience there is definitely something going on and I don’t think it’s helping the smaller channels and the gold mining or metal detecting may even be more so downgraded by the google algorithms. They “algorithms” are HIGHLY customizable and YouTube admits that “authority” creators get promoted. There’s a lot to your comments and observations. At the moment, I think the best thing to do is stick together and, as well, write feedback to YouTube through the channels they provide. My channel “feeds” are choked with all types of hollywood cheesy content and cheesy YouTube content which is completely sensationalized, materialistic, and superficial …surprise, surprise. I have noticed my videos (except for a few) slowly hit about 250-300 views and then hit a wall and get almost no new views. The larger gold/detecting/treasure channel creators got started 8 or more years ago, are entertaining, and they’ve developed sizeable audiences …so YouTube is probably reading these views and activity, as it is, as positive confirmation of the creators and thus deeming them as “authorities” and promoted by YouTube further catapolting their channels into 10K and 100K views. Further discussion is welcomed here or maybe I’ll start a blog post about the topic and we and other can exchange thoughts, observations, and data. Cheers and talk soon, Aaron

      1. Thanks for a great reply Aaron. I suspected as much about the views. I have a couple YouTube friends that put a video up and in a day they are at thousands of views. My views have fallen off substantially and now I am loosing as many subs as I am gaining! My content changed a little, from mining to equipment builds, due to our hot days and no water. I expected a small drop in interest due to that content change. I have been at the 750,000 views since June. I was getting in 10,000 views a day area before summer. I have only increase 2,000 views since June to where I am at now 752,000. I am not complaining about that many views and subs, but I would like to find out why I have lost momentum. Sorry for the rant it is just a little frustrating.

  12. How do i sign up? I will help the others involved… Looks cool and ive already subbed to a lot of the creators here…

    James @ jdub7785 – wilson family prospecting

    1. Hi James, to join our YFRC, I propose your channel to our membership panel and then as a group we either approve your channel or not. We are a welcoming group and decent people so it will all go fine I imagine. What we are looking for are channels who want to be a part, do their part, be positive, supportive, and friendly. In other words, friends. I’m going to propose your channel but I need you please email me fist at gtao@protonmail.com. Thanks a lot and talk soon then, Aaron

  13. Aaron, Possible new member. Her channel is Lady Bullion. She does incredible give aways. I asked her to check out the web site.

    1. Hey that’s great Chuck, thank you! If she does want to to join the YFRC, all she needs to do is read about and agree to our rules and send me an email at gtao@protonmail.com . I’ll propose her channel to the member panel and things should go very smoothly I imagine. Cheers and thanks again, Aaron

  14. Hello Aaron, and to all!

    So, we have 20 members including myself. Out of 19, excluding myself, only 10 or so actually view content. Makes no sense! The rules are quite simple. And if it’s the “too busy” issue, that also makes no sense. The only thing that makes sense is sickness or away from home with no internet connection. As one with what you could call OCD when it comes to our members videos. Yes, even as busy as I am, I do my very best to view their content on day 1 within hours of content being posted. I guess you could say it’s the “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” angle. That is who I am and it seems that attitude has been long lost today. This is what this group is really based on. So if folks don’t understand me in this matter, that’s pretty sad. So this is a heads up. I grow very weary doing my part for others to reap the benefits of our club. To those who do what’s right, I Thank You with all my heart. You know who you are.
    One member was sick recently and not able to view. But do you know what this member did when health returned? Took the time to catch up on every video missed.
    As one who has spent a lifetime bending over backwards for others but never getting the same in return, I don’t know how much longer I can do this to be completely honest. At the age of 50 now, my patience grows very thin after being that person all my life. I don’t regret doing what I did to help others and, I never expected anything in return. But now I am left with the feeling that time has been wasted. And today, my time is far more valuable than it ever has been before throughout my entire life.

  15. Good Tuesday evening all of you, hope this finds yout well and safe during these troubling times. Just popping in to drop a line to all of you. Things are starting to slowly open back up, time go over your equipment and make sure all is well with it. Take care and be well all. Looking forward to seeing everyone’s adventures this year.

    1. Hi Ed and thanks for the message! As you have seen I dropped off the YouTubes (and others) here pretty solidly. I haven’t given up but I’m busy as heck working on other projects which are proving more revenue “positive” than my prospecting and video making ventures have thus far. And when I start again with videos (much fewer on average), I want to make some changes to hopefully allow for more “reach” of my content. I have been discouraged by the meager results with views, commenting, sharing and these things given the amount of time involved in planning, doing, driving, editing, uploading, etc. Anyway my friend, I shall return “soon?” and my recipe for videos will be easier to make, etc. Thanks again Ed. I appreciate you and wish you and yours the best.
      Cheers, Aaron

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