Updated 31 March 2020, Stay Well & Happy Hunting Friends!

In a world loaded with different pay dirt corporations, some small, some large, some in between, and some who don’t even own a shovel, what does GTAO VLOGS have to offer in comparison to all this competition?  Real simply …our pay dirts and dry washing concentrates are GENUINE as described, from the places we describe, and from the places shown in our videos. 

We do “salt” (add placer gold) to our 1/4 pounder bags but not the others… and we don’t add, coins, gems, copper nuggets, or other trinkets to our products.  Aside, from our 1/4 pounder bags, the products may or may not have gold …just like actual Prospecting.  They are UNWASHED (which means they are UNSEARCHED for gold).  We offer the real deal pay dirts and dry washing concentrates that you will find in the field if you went out with us.  Please ask ANY & ALL questions PRIOR to making a purchase for we offer no refunds on our items and we will not accept returns.  We always disclose every detail possible and fully explain our items, where they come from, and what is or is not guaranteed in them so please read what we have written about our items, thanks!   Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction while helping to raise much needed funds to help pay regular expenses, support and grow our video channels and operations, reach our goals, and share the prospecting experience with our supporters in the comfort of their homes!  Please see our blog post here about our 2020 plans, goals, much more information, and our current shop items.

Generally we have great reviews and high praise from our regular customers and monthly supporters on Patreon.  They enjoy receiving and working with our genuine and unique American Pay Dirts and Dry Washing Concentrates and the buyers are glad to be helping GTAO VLOGS at the same time.  If you are interested in our popular 1/4 Pounder Pay Dirt bags and or our Genuine Dry Washing Concentrates shipped MONTHLY TO YOUR MAILBOX, join us on Patreon ( GTAOVLOGS PATREON ) and choose the items you want or arrange for a custom monthly order?  We greatly appreciate the support, thank you!

Is GTAO Vlogs almost out of Stock? …Yes we are, …sort of?

BIG THANKS to our buyers here on the website and on our Etsy shop!  As well GIANT THANKS to out Patreon Patrons for standing with us and supporting our channel with their monthly contributions.  We ARE out of stock of our 1/4 pound pay dirts and planning on restocking very soon as is possible.  We are working on it friends, thanks.  We ARE also almost out of our Dry Washing Concentrates at the moment as well and real soon we will be restocking some of these from some of the desert places we dry wash for gold …as seen in our videos. 

First, if you are interested in taking priority over other buyers and want our pay dirts or dry washing monthly, join us on Patreon.  We appreciate the support and these monthly obligations to our viewers and supporters are our first order of business.  Through Patreon we can also arrange custom monthly orders as you want.

Second, we want to keep products here and in our Etsy shop available for those of you who want to try some of our salted 1/4 lb pay dirts, our Dry Washing Concentrates, or our raw unsalted placer gold pay dirts.  Like most of you, we must work and plan within our budget and also restocking the pay dirts and concentrates from Dry Washing require mining trips, making time for the trips, prepping gear and machines, getting supplies and fuels, driving time, time in the field during a day prospecting and mining, and usually camping overnight for a couple nights as weather allows are all the typical constraints for us.  Some buyers seem intentionally or unintentionally unaware of these practical constraints yet fortunately we have some great supporters on Patreon, Subscribestar, and return buyers on our website.  We really appreciate the support everyone!  Thanks!

Third, we have sold and offered and probably will again offer items on ebay.  Ebay is where we first started selling our products from our videos and we have had a lot of fun selling items there, packing and shipping them, and hearing from our buyers there.  Also ebay is more expensive and that’s a problem some times but hey some buyers like ebay.

Recently we made our Raw Bulk Unsalted Placer Gold Pay Dirts …Reservation or Patreon Patron Only.  We plan to add a couple options on Patreon ( Link ) for those of you who would like 14 or 24 pounds of Raw Unsalted & Genuine Placer Gold Pay Dirts, from unique locations as seen in our videos, shipped MONTHLY to you to pan or process at home at your convenience.  If you’re interested, please send an email to gtao@protonmail.com, thanks!  We also can make custom arrangements for you on Patreon and all rewards start in the second month or after the first payment is received.  If you would prefer to purchase here with Pay Pal, please email us, that will be great!  Before we ship them, we require every buyer to acknowledge that they have read our descriptions and understand what is being purchased.  We would rather not sell our products than have unsatisfied and unhappy buyers and this is why we write full descriptions for all our items.

What you find in our store at this time:

  1. Dry Washing Concentrates (No Added Gold)…out of stock
  2. 1/4 Pound Pay Dirts (Gold Added)…out of stock
  3. Bulk Amounts of Pay Dirt Material (No Added Gold)… Reserved for interested buyers and Patreon Patrons
  4. Custom Orders can also be arranged for your own items and or pay dirts…  To be arranged?

Please note:  We do not and will not offer returns or refunds for these products and ask that you read all the information before make a purchase and ask any questions you might have before you make a purchase, email Aaron at gtao@protonmail.com.  Also, for any order, if you want a known amount of gold added to the product(s) or included separately in a plastic vial email us and we can make a custom listing for you no problem.  Thanks again very much to all our Viewers, Subscribers, Sponsors, and Supporters!  The support really helps us continue, and even, grow GTAO VLOGS.  THANK YOU!



  USA Unwashed, Unsearched, & UNSALTED Genuine Dry Washing Concentrates

  USA Unwashed, Unsearched, & SALTED (Gold Added) Genuine Gold Panning Pay Dirts

  USA Bulk, Unwashed, Unsearched, & UNSALTED Genuine Placer Gold Pay Dirts

  GTAO VLOGS Custom Orders


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