GTAO Vlogs Supporter Special CB De-Stemmed & Fully Dried 1/2lb


GTAO Vlogs Supporter Special CB De-Stemmed & Fully Dried 1/2lb!

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  1. Individual or multiple 1/2 lb quantities of CB de-stemmed and fully dried.  If you buy one 1/2 pound quantity, it will come in one machine sealed bag.  Buy multiple bags and the total weight you order in pounds will come in a larger poly bag and be shipped in one box or multiple boxes depending on the total weight in pounds you order.  The total quantity available will be shown in quantity and you can order up to that number or if you want more 1/2 lb quantities than shown “In Stock” you can order them on “back order”.  All shipments will take place soon after your order and include USPS First Class Mail or Priority Mail (for orders of 2 or more) and each shipment comes with electronic tracking.
  2. Please keep in mind that GTAO VLOGS will make other special order packages available as you desire.  Just send us an email and let’s work together!
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