Hello friends and updates from GTAO Vlogs.

Hey friends, just a few points to mention about recent things:

  • We had a friend ask about adding their used items to our store for us to sell.  This is not out of the question as a fundraiser for GTAO Vlogs.  Depending on the item size, utility, and value we may not need to take possession of the items.  Buyers could buy the item and then you could ship it directly to them if it’s your item(s) for sale.  We don’t have the space to take in items and warehouse them until and if they sell.   1) More directly though what we had in mind was for future and current sponsors to have items listed or coupons listed for items which they warehouse and then would ship once an item sells.  Or for the coupons, a visitor could take that code or gift card and visit the sponsor’s website for redeeming.  2) If a viewer has used items that they think will come in handy for our operations and for us to use and own, then we are surely interested in these types of items.  For example, we can use, well, lots of things: a PI metal detector, a good discriminating detector, an underwater detector, digging tools, work gloves, gas powered winches, a small tow-able camper and or light truck camper, utility trailers, used pickup trucks, wet or dry suits for water diving, hooka air systems, dry washers, small generators, gold cube, diving belts, masks, dirt bike, four wheeler, etc., etc. You get the idea.  If it’s useful, in good working order, and we can put it to use we will or, if it has some value, we will sell it and use the money for our operations too.  All the support is greatly appreciated.
  • Just returned for a desert trip and we are having difficulties with the video editing software (imovie) so that is aggravating but we did get a few videos finished already.
  • We had a little success recently with our upload to Steemit.com about desert survival and the Yucca plant cooking.  Check us out on Steemit, subscribe, etc. please: GTAO Vlogs on Steemit

Anyway, pretty busy at the moment everyone and we hope you and yours are well and safe and having great times.  Thanks for stopping by and Happy Hunting, Aaron

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