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Green Mountain Gold Traps are United States patent pending GOLD CATCHING fluid bed classifiers.  These well built and American made material classifiers catch the GOLD and other heavier elements while they are being used by modern day gold prospectors!  Placer gold prospectors need to, first of all, work in locations where gold is present and secondly need to process material from these places to recover any gold.  The Green Mountain Gold Trap trap is a water powered material classifier and processor in one portable unit which has a removable GOLD ‘TRAP” where gold and other heavy elements will be captured while the less dense elements will be washed on through and out of the unit.  These Green Mountain Gold Traps come in two sizes a three foot “River Hog” and a two foot “Paystreak Finder”.  These units are ideal for the modern day gold prospector in that gold can be recovered from material in one process.  The classifying and the processing are done at the same time and with the same effort while typically these are two separate operations.  To process more material and recover more gold, the prospector uses a Green Mountain Gold Trap and is able to clean out the trap while the unit stays in position.  This along with the gold trap are unique features of these units and make them easier and fun to use.  Another point to make about these units is the pleasure they are to use. handle, feed, and watch.  They are mostly made of strong and clear materials so watching them process in a clear stream or river is especially enjoyable and I highly recommend getting yourself one from the owner and inventor Joseph.  The webpage link is here: GreenMountainGoldTrap.  Please visit and get yourself or the GOLD SEEKER you love one of these great units.  Joseph and Green Mountain Gold Trap are official sponsors of GTAO Vlogs and have become true friends and partners of ours.  Their company is innovative and starting out, in many ways, similar to  We met through our Youtube channel work and videos and have become friends and partners supporting each other however we can.  This post here on our News Blog is a way of beginning a Category, Green Mountain Gold Trap, and over time and as we have more information, reviews, photos, or information about Green Mountain Gold Trap, we will report it here.  This is a way for us to show respect and thank an official sponsor of GTAO Vlogs!  For every sponsor of GTAO Vlogs we will create a category in our New Blog on  Thanks for finding us and reading along, stay tuned for more, please subscribe and use our comment section to add your views, feedback, and suggestions!  Thanks very much, Aaron – GTAO Vlogs

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  1. Thank you so much Aaron. Being a sponsor of GTOVlogs has been and is a pleasure. I look forward to the growth of GMGT and the ability to do more as a sponsor.
    To date, every single customer of GMGT has been and is very please with their gold traps.
    GMGT has served Customers from several states such as California, Tennessee, Alaska, Ohio, New Hampshire, Vermont, Colorado, Indiana, Georgia, North Carolina, Nevada and even Tasmania Australia!
    And every single purchase is shipped out with 1 free bag of you guessed it, GTAOVlogs very own 1/4lb bags of paydirt.

    Owner / Inventor
    Green Mountain Gold Trap

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